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The new album from
Kamau Seitu
Never Give Up The Fight
New Single from Dorie Pride
Produced, Arranged & Co-written by
Kamau Seitu

Guitarist/Vocalist/Composer/Producer KAMAU SEITU has stepped out of the producer's chair to front and center stage with his newly released 10 track album GO DOWN EASY! This album is hot and truly a work of art! Every track leaves you wanting more and when you think it can't get any better... Boo-yah! He kicks it up to another level! His sensual lyrics and airy vocals entice the heart to go to that place where lovers want to go... The intimacy of the heart is exposed... longing for one more note. GO DOWN EASY is an album full of surprises! KAMAU pays tribute to the late great NINA SIMONE with his jazzy rendition of her classic hit - FOUR WOMEN.  Then he follows up with the BILL WITHERS ballad - HELLO LIKE BEFORE. KAMAU'S airy sensuous vocal stylings bring a different shade of smooth to this classic 70's hit. Last but not least, KAMAU digs deep into the recesses of time to uncover an old 40's standard - YOU GO TO MY HEAD, written by HAVEN GILLESPIE and J. FRED COOTS. What he does with this old standard is put his own brand of cool on this old tried and true composition! You won't forget this rendition! His smooth velvet air vocals, framed by his exquisite guitar work reminiscent of WES MONTGOMERY will leave you surely wanting to hear it... one more time! The balance of the album's songs were all written by KAMAU SEITU. He is a multi-instrumentalist and with the exception of the smokin' sax solos of MIKE TARPLEY and DORIE PRIDE adding background vocals, everything else was KAMAU SEITU. This is an album that you can put on and just let it play... one jam after another... after another! All different, yet the thread of KAMAU'S brilliance creates a tapestry that will linger long after the final note is played. GO DOWN EASY... Simply brilliant!


Produced, arranged, written and performed by KAMAU SEITU


KAMAU SEITU - Lead & Background Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars,

Keyboards, Bass, Drum Programming

MIKE TARPLEY - Tenor Saxophone

DORIE PRIDE - Background Vocals

Recorded & Mixed: AURORADAWN STUDIO, Atlanta, GA

Recording and Mix Engineer: KAMAU SEITU

Assistant Engineer: MARC FREEMAN

Mastering: SoundLAB at Disc Makers, Pennsauken, NJ

Front & Inside Cover Photographer: DORIE PRIDE

Back Cover Photographer: KEIPHER RASHAD


All songs written by: KAMAU SEITU PETERSON (Seitu Music - BMI) except:

YOU GO TO MY HEAD: Haven Gillespie & J. Fred Coots

(Haven Gillespie Music Pub / Toy Town Toons, Inc ASCAP)

FOUR WOMEN: Nina Simone

(EMI Waterford Music / Rolls Royce Music ASCAP)

HELLO LIKE BEFORE: Bill Withers & John Collins

(Golden Withers Music / Picus Music BMI)

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